Commercial Scotch Guard

Most people don't think Scotch Guard Application is necessary for the work space.  Think about it for just a SECOND...

How much coffee is drank at your office every day?  Let's just say three cups.  Now multiply three cups times 5 days per week.  Times four weeks per month. Times 12 months per year.  720 CUPS PER YEAR.  Even ONE PERCENT of those cups being dropped means seven cups of hot coffee spilled on the carpet or upholstery (and if it's alwyas by the same person then maybe they should have to use kiddie cups from now on).  

You can always call us and have us clean the stains, or you could have had us Scotch Guard the carpet, area rugs and upholstery in advance and could have saved money by not having us out seven times per year.  

So maybe Scotch Guard in a few areas of the office wouldn't be a bad idea.  Too bad we can't Scotch Guard your keyboard huh?