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On-Site Rug Cleaning

Beverly Hills Carpet Cleaners has its own state-of-the-art rug cleaning facility located in the same building as its offices. We offer customers the option for them to drop off their rugs at our facility, or to allows us to pick up the rugs and deliver them back for free. Our technicians give each rug hours of attention and treat each one differently as each rug is different from one another. From natural fibers to synthetic/man-made fibers, our team is prepared for any rug no matter how big, complicated, or messy they are. With over 1,000 square feet of space to work in, Beverly Hills Carpet Cleaners can clean, sanitize, and dry up to 20 rugs at once.

The Cleaning Process

Upon receiving a rug, we immediately remove all insoluble soils with a high-powered vacuum. We make sure to extract as much dry soil as possible before getting it wet to avoid wicking, which is when soils resurface after cleaning. Then we extract insoluble soils through hot-water extraction, or steam-cleaning. Our facility has an abundant water source and is well-powered, allowing us to use as much water needed to make each rug as clean as possible while also adjusting the pressure and heat of the water to any high PSI and temperature needed. After the cleaning process is complete we focus on any specific issues the rug may have, primarily removing stains/spots and bad odor. We hand-remove any stains or spots to the best possible results using proper chemicals and techniques. Usually all rugs, whether they smell bad or not, are treated with the proper enzymes to improve odor. But odors that smell particularly bad, whether due to pets, urine, feces/poop, or any other protein-based substance such as food, beverages, or blood, are given extra attention and can all be eliminated.

The Drying Process

Once the cleaning process is completed, rugs are usually wet and must be put to dry immediately. Our drying process is what makes Beverly Hills Carpet Cleaners unique and stand-out from the competition. Each rug is put onto our hanging rack, which can hold up to 12-14 rugs at once. By keeping each rug suspended on the rack, every last fiber and inch of the backings is exposed to air. This alone exponentially increases drying time compared to anywhere else. We then blast multiple fans at once onto the rugs, maximizing ventilation. Hanging the rugs on the rack and ventilating them with fans is generally enough for drying synthetic rugs. For natural rugs such as wool, silk, and cotton, they take longer to dry and because of this are more prone to wicking. To compensate for this, we use a dehumidifier that absorbs all the moisture out of the rugs. This eliminates all dampness that usually remains deep in natural fibers. Our process combined with our technology allows rugs to dry completely in 2-3 hours on average. 

Packaging and Returning

Once your rug is completely dry, we inspect it one more time to make sure we stains/spots and odor is treated as best as possible. Then we fold it, tie it into place, and wrap it in plastic. We will contact you once your rug is ready to be picked up or delivered.

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