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Upholstery Cleaning and Sanitation

Beverly Hills Carpet Cleaners understands the value of your home and its contents. Perhaps the most delicate part of your home that we can clean and sanitize is your furniture. Along with carpets and rugs, we have been cleaning upholstery since we first started and we know how to clean upholstery properly and effectively. We use the same technique for upholstery as we do for carpets and rugs, hot-water extraction. But it is performed a little differently and more carefully.

The Process

From synthethics like rayon to naturals like cotton, Beverly Hills Carpet Cleaners knows can to properly clean each type of fabric and weave. We offer a non-toxic steam cleaning solution for upholstery like we use for carpets. First we lightly apply preconditioner on the surface of the upholstery and removable surfaces, like cushions or pillows.  Then we use our steam cleaning machine that disperses hot steamed deodorizer into the fabric in order to deodorize it and extract more debris. This substance is sprayed through a wand that also acts as a vacuum that sucks out all the contaminants in the form of moisture.

Dry Cleaning Alternative

We also offer an alternative, dry method to cleaning upholstery that we use for mattresses. This method is used primarily to eliminate dust mites which, although are more common in mattresses, are very common in upholstery as well. Please refer to the mattress page for more information on this method.



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